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Project Implementation

Software doesn't implement itself.

By starting your analytics journey with our team, you'll get more out of your investment, getting you better answers, faster.

Data Team as a Service

You don't need to hire a team of analysts, engineers, and architects.

We design and build your data analytics environment so it's just right for you, and we train you how to get the most out of it.

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Change Management
Get Ready to do more.

Most people don't like change, even if it makes them better.

We can help you assess your team's readiness for the changes you're working to implement, and help you navigate the shift gracefully.

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Max Zeger
Strategy & Acquisitions
Mint House
“The Mashey team is highly responsive, a pleasure to collaborate with, and was very capable in solving what was a difficult data management and visualization problem for our Revenue Team.”
Colleen Ogg
VP of Corporate Ops
“Mashey has felt like an extension of our staff since we first met. Our relationship is comfortable, transparent and low-pressure. They provide subject-matter expertise as appropriate, but respect our business strategy and management.”
Ryan Babikian
Founder & CEo
“Having worked with various development vendors in the past, Mashey is the first that we consider to be our partner and a true extension of our team. From day one, Mashey has been transparent, diligent, and capable. From a time value of money, the learning curve of onboarding new engineers was incredibly important to us. Mashey demonstrated not just the technical expertise but also a fundamental understanding of our business, which resulted in successful outcomes.”
Alex Greer
Founder & CEO
Signal HQ
“Working with Mashey was a strategic investment that prepared my business to scale. They brought tremendous expertise and experience to bear with our technology infrastructure and best practices. I particularly valued how they prioritized the business goals and strategized with me first and foremost, and then offered the best path forward and potential pitfalls before executing on the work.”
Max Zeger
Strategy & Acquisitions
Mint House
“Mashey's DTaaS model has allowed us to use their team as an extension of our own when data infrastructure projects arise, scaling up and down to match our needs in the moment.”
Lawrence Rouse
Sr. Director of Data and Analytics
“Working with the Mashey team was a great experience. They listened and responded to our needs in a thorough, collaborative, and agile manner that fit perfectly with our internal dynamic.”
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Business Discovery

There's no value in doing data analytics unless you do something different with this new capability.
We’ll work with you to hone in on your business goals and challenges, and assess just how much value you’ll get out of better data analytics.

Technical Discovery

With your business objectives clearly laid out, we’ll explore what data and systems we’d need to tap into for your new data analytics environment.

Solution Proposal

Once we fully understand your goals and technical requirements, we’ll outline a couple of ways to help you achieve them, including a breakdown of software and services cost for each.

Pilot (Optional)

If needed, we’ll do a small pilot of our proposed solution to suss out any gotchas and test our assumptions of how complex and long the project will be.

Project Implementation

We design and build your data analytics environment so it's just right for you, and we train you how to get the most out of it.

Data Team as a Service

With this new data analytics system in place, we can either train your team to take it over and build upon it or we can be your data team.
Think of it like a monthly subscription.
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