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We help companies build a culture of knowledge and confidence by delivering modern data and analytics strategy.

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Yearly Revenue
Yearly Revenue
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The SSI Group

One in six hospitals use the SSI Group to process their health care claims, totaling over $1 Trillion in medical claims annually. Mashey redesigned their approach and infrastructure, creating a framework for massively scalable revenue cycle analytics.  

Mashey supports companies that rely on information to compete.


A Modern Approach to Success with Data

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Strategy and Process

Products don't solve problems. People do. Mashey helps companies build transformational data and analytics programs centered on the key pillars of success: People, Process, Technology and Data.

Success Through Outcomes

Project outputs are pointless if they don't achieve the intended organizational change. Business requirements evolve quickly. Mashey ensures success by constantly adjusting to deliver the right business objectives.
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Finding and retaining the right talent it hard. When you partner with us, you'll experience The Mashey Effect. You'll get our complete team of seasoned professionals so you know you'll always have the right talent, at the right time.

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