Introducing Data Team as a Service.

Waste less time, and make more money with our results-focused data-analytics project delivery and staffing solutions.
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"We’ve been trying to understand this data for 5 years. We knew we were losing money on those products but no one believed us."
- CFO, Circle Graphics
(ROI in 29 days)

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Why we created Mashey

We believe everyone should have access to a data analytics team, not just companies with deep pockets. Mashey was built to give you a turn-key solution through our Data Team as a Service, available immediately to scale with your company's needs.

What we do

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Create data analytics platforms

Your data analytics platform should be designed for performance. We work to map your data sources, pull together the data you need, and push the important information to you. Simple engine, endless possibilities.

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Promote user adoption

We train your team to use your new platform, and we deliver people to supplement your existing team. Knowledge and skills, when and where you need them.

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Drive ROI

Investing in data has two ultimate outcomes: growing revenue and controlling cost. We begin with a line of sight to the outcomes you need, and we focus our work on them relentlessly. Data alone doesn’t move your business forward - decisions do.

How you can work with us

Project implementation

Supercharge your people.

We provide the team to optimize and extend your data analytics environment. By complementing your team, you get more out of your investment, getting you better answers, faster.

Data Team as a Service

Turn-key analytics team.

You don't need to hire a team of analysts or engineers. We design and build your data analytics environment so it's just right for you, and we train you how to get the most out of it.

Know More. Go Faster.
What could you do if you always had the data you needed at your fingertips? Find out now.
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