Integrating data and analytics into the day-to-day operations of a business takes more than a one-off project. Being successful is a journey of increasing business impact and complexity of data and analytics. When everyone in the organization has reliable information they need when they need it so they can make decisions with confidence, you have reached data nirvana. This is Nirvanalytics.

4 Steps to Achieve Data Nirvana

Being successful requires formulating a strategy that builds upon the current systems and infrastructure, and advances in complexity and business impact one step at a time. These are the steps of increasing in data analytics maturity that enables companies to work smarter and create and maintain a competitive edge.
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Guided Analytics

Build and provision centrally managed reports, dashboards and alerting that serves as the single source of truth for the business. Deliver relevant and reliable key performance metrics. This includes traditional business intelligence tools, enterprise reporting, and rule-based alerting.

Growth Enablement

Enable creation and contribution in a decentralized fashion that enables knowledge workers to become more self sufficient and to serve as contributors of tribal knowledge, resulting in interactive information exploration. This includes crowd-sourced data cataloging, self service data preparation and analytics processes and tools that enable everyone to create their own analysis - either ad-hoc or production grade.

Strategic Contribution

Use the highly vetted and curated data assets and documentation to produce predictive models, machine learning applications, and prototype automations. This includes advanced statistical analysis and techniques that uncover new insights. Increasing the volume, velocity and complexity of data that can be used to understand data in context.

Industry Disruption

React faster and more accurately to changes in the business by reducing or eliminating the human decision processes. This includes machine-generated decision recommendations and fully automated and optimized business systems and processes.

You have successfully reached data nirvana when

Everyone is data informed. There is no threat of technology taking away jobs, and everyone in the organization works together with technology, depending on it, and continuously making it better, because it makes themselves better! Everyone is freed of grunt work, has higher job satisfaction, and companies pay their employees to take action rather than for time spent figuring out what to do. Everyone trusts their colleagues, knowing they make decisions in the same way. This is Nirvanalytics.

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